• Song of the Doll

    Author: Lee Sun-Young
    Type: Manhwa
    Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural 
    Volumes: 4 Volumes (On-Going)
    Joint Project with Shiro Nabi.

    Chapters 1-5: (Released by Shiro Nabi)
    Chapter 6: TBA
    Woo Hee-Lee was kidnapped and found under a plum tree with a faint memory of a man telling her, "I promise you that until the day we meet again, you will be reborn." After that incident, her father became protective and would only allow her to go from the house to the plum tree she loved. However, she would be allowed to venture into the village on the day of the new moon. One such day she meets a exorcist that warns her of a man dressed in black. Will she take this warning to heart? Or is it already too late...?