• Like the title says. You can get it here:


    Also, we need staff asap.  

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  • Greetings, everyone.

     We have a new release of another project. (Yes, besides Aries...)

    We present you raven;od, an interesting, complicated story. Chapters 1-3 are released by Kawaii Corner.

     You can download it, here;



    And keep in mind that we need staff. Mainly translators. If you are interested, email us.



    Greetings everyone, this is Layla.

    Good news; Chapter 8 of Aries is finished. You can download it here.

    Bad news; We have no translator for this. We really need a Japanese translator for this project to be continued. Therefore, we are not sure when we are going to release the next chapter. I hope we will find a translator for Aries soon. Our other projects are also open.

    On the other hand, our next releases will be raven;od & probably Song of the Doll.

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  • News Projects

    Greetings everyone, this is Layla speaking.

    Due of some unfortunate circumstances, we gotta change some projects.

    - We lost our Kagami no Miko Ayaka raws, therefore, if anyone has the raws, kindly send them to us. (Yes, I am talking about the filesonic/uploadstation dead links.)
    Therefore, it will be transfer to our future projects until someone give us their raws.

    - I do not think we will bother with Devil's Cinderella; The raws are in extremely bad quality. Good luck with another group doing it.

    - We have great raws of Bell's Princess until volume 2. Volume 3's raws aren't really that good. When we finish volume 2, if by any chance we do not have any good raws of vol.3+, we will put the project on  hiatus.

    And now the good news.

    We decided to replace those projects with another ones. You might recognize some of them.

    - Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono, by Kirishima Sou of raven;od. It is a shoujo/reverse harem with many bishies and a strong female lead. We have all the 3 volumes in perfect quality but this one really needs a translator.

    - Deimos no Hanayome: Saishuushou, by Ikeda Etsuko. It is a sequel to the  popular old-school shoujo Deimos no Hanayome that has been picked by the lovely Friendship Scans. The whole story-telling is episodic stories, therefore, full knowledge of the prequel isn't that necessary. We have perfect raws of this as well.

    - 87 Clockers, by Ninomiya Tomoko, creator of the popular Nodame Cantabile. 1 volume is released so far, so it won't be such a difficult task. Raws are also in perfect quality.

    - Umi no Kishidan, by Togawa Mitomo. This one is a long shoujo, (17 volumes) and we mainly need a chinese translator for it.

    We also consider to do,

    Godeath - Megami no Ketsumyaku - But we need raws of chapter 3, we have the other chapters.

    Naki Shoujo no Tame no Pavane - We have until volume 3.

    Glass Mask - Perhaps? It will be a long project though, but we will start from volume 38 or so.

    If you are interested in any of those titles or you have any raws, just send an email.
    Be a staff now. Thank you for reading.

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  • Aries Chapter 07


    This is Layla & this is our first release. How are you all doing? We picked Aries after being dropped by Kaizoku Scanz; Such a hidden gem deserves to be continued. But we need staff, mainly translators for now, so please join us!


    Please upload our release to other sites after 24 hours.


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